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Understand Your Service — And Everything Around It

“Logging solutions can provide information about who, what, and where things happened, but LightStep answers why things happened.”

- Jason Hudak, VP of Platform Engineering at Twilio

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"The Reliability team can, without access to code, pinpoint what deployment caused degradation, and escalate to the correct team."
Joar Sæther

Director of Reliability Engineering

Easily Manage SLIs, SLAs, and SLOs

Review the health of your service — and all its operations — through a single pane of glass. When something breaks, receive latency, throughput, and error rate alerts that illustrate performance issues in the larger context of the distributed system.


Refine Your View to What Matters Most

See the health of your service in context — before and after a release, before and during an incident — or where your performance bottlenecks are right now. LightStep’s Service DiagramsService Diagrams provide a real-time, dynamic, and interactive overview of your service and those immediately up and downstream.


Get to the Root Cause Faster

Identify exactly where things are broken — no matter how rare, specific, or subtle. LightStep aggregates and analyzes thousands of traces in seconds, and immediately surfaces likely root causes for latency, errors, or other issues affecting your service.


See How Your Service Affects Other Teams

Understand the impact your releases have on upstream and downstream dependencies. By providing complete visibility into transactions, LightStep allows you to quickly pinpoint how and where your service affects others.

Using automated, portable, vendor-neutral instrumentation, you can get started in less than ten minutes. Deploy your service, and LightStep will automatically detect canaries and new versions — and highlight what’s changed before, during, or after every release.


Know Which Performance Improvements Actually Make a Difference

LightStep automatically highlights the critical path, allowing you to focus on performance optimizations that will improve the experience of your customers and the services that depend on your team. Save time (and headaches) by no longer wasting cycles on work that ultimately does not improve your SLIs or benefit your consumers.


Investigate with Context — Group, Filter, Sort, and Specify

LightStep surfaces non-performant requests in context — no matter how narrow the search criteria — to explain why, where, and how issues arise. Aggregate, navigate and explore any segment of your service with unlimited cardinality, by specific user, release version, experiment id, and more.


Optimize Your Workflow

Whether you’re investigating an issue, testing a hypothesis, or simply want to share an “aha moment” with someone on your team, LightStep’s Workflow LinksWorkflow Links ensure you are never more than one click away from any tool — internal or external — you need to do your job well.

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See how Lightstep helps you debug errors.