Tech Field Day at LightStep

The live broadcast of our first Tech Field Day is over. We presented to a respected group of delegates about the shift that’s been taking place in our market as enterprises adopt increasingly complex systems – whether that be microservices, serverless, or other technology. It was a great discussion with lots of interesting questions.

Watch video recordings of the sessions. See the full agenda below, and learn more about LightStep [x]PM architecture.

LightStep Moving Away From Monoliths with Ben Sigelman

LightStep [x]PM Overview with Dennis Chu, Director of Product Marketing

LightStep Satellite Architecture with Spoons, CTO and Co-founder

LightStep Rethinking Observability with Ben Sigelman, CEO and Co-founder

Here’s what we covered:

  • Market Overview: Ben Sigelman, CEO and Co-founder (@el_bhs)
    The good reasons why our market is moving away from software monoliths, the pain that organizations are feeling, and the problems they need to solve as a result.
  • LightStep [x]PM overview: Dennis Chu, Director of Product Marketing and Ben Sigelman
    We’ll demonstrate how LightStep [x]PM provides clear guidance and answers to application performance management challenges in today’s complex distributed systems.
  • LightStep Satellite Architecture: Spoons, CTO and Co-founder (@save_spoons)
    Almost everything novel and interesting about LightStep only works because of our unique architecture. We’ll step through what’s different about it and explain why we needed a new design to deliver the most innovative aspects of [x]PM.
  • Rethinking Observability: Ben Sigelman
    Contemporary dogma about “Observability” centers on “the three pillars”: metrics, logging, and tracing. We agree that these are all important ingredients, but we see company after company check those three boxes and remain dissatisfied – what are they missing, and what’s a better way of thinking about the problem and solution space?