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Lightstep Incident Response + ServiceNow Instance Observer

Integrate with ServiceNow Instance Observer for more extensive notification and collaboration


Lightstep Incident Response complements ServiceNow Instance Observer with several additional means to notify your operators via SMS, phone, email, Slack, MS Teams, or the Lightstep Incident Response mobile application. Lightstep Incident Response allows you to process every SN Instance Observer alert and immediately notify the on-call person based on a team on-call schedule and the responder own notification preferences. In addition, escalation policies allow you to specify several levels of escalation on who to notify next should the alert not be acknowledged within a pre-defined time.


Manage the performance of your ServiceNow instances 

Lightstep Incident Response is provided as an Instance Observer add-on at no charge to process all Instance Observer alerts. IO alert types and configuration of thresholds. Lightstep Incident Response provides integrations to many other monitoring tools and you may choose to leverage these integrations to manage applications or services other than Instance Observer. In that case, you will need to purchase a Lightstep Incident Response subscription or use the limited Free Tier subscription. 


Extend communication channels within and across teams

Once a responder acknowledges the alert, they can invite other responders, other teams and stakeholders to be involved. They can choose to communicate directly via worknotes within the alert, Slack, MS Teams channel, or set up a Zoom session at the click of a button. Should the alert require more time to resolve, they may promote the alert to an incident. 


Formalize your response processes to always ensure coverage

Lightstep Incident Response also provides automation rules to automatically modify an alert content, create a Slack or MS Teams channel, create an incident, open a Zoom session or invoke a webhook API to remediate the issue. 

  • On-call schedule 

  • Escalation policies 

  • Automation rules 

  • Personalized notification preferences 

  • Time-off


Faster response to IO alerts to mitigate potential outages

By notifying the right person as soon as an alert occurs, Lightstep Incident Response allows you to minimize the mean-time-to-notify. Furthermore, easy access to collaboration tools allows responders to quickly communicate with other responders, thus minimizing the mean-time-to-remediate. Lightstep Incident Response allows you improve your operations and resolve issues as quickly as possible by optimizing how your teams respond to alerts and incidents.

Respond to incidents faster