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The complete guide to distributed tracing

This guide will help you understand how distributed tracing provides unrivaled visibility and analysis in systems that can have dozens, hundreds, or thousands of services working together. You'll also learn: - How to establish true observability with distributed tracing - How your service affects — and is affected by — dependencies - How to decide when to take action by focusing on symptoms that directly impact users

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Getting started with OpenTelemetry and distributed tracing in Python

OpenTelemetry is an open source framework that provides a single set of APIs, libraries and instrumentation resources to capture distributed traces and metrics from your applications. This workshop is structured to help your organization successfully deliver value from distributed tracing. This session covers: * A brief overview of OpenTelemetry core concepts * Hands-on code walkthrough covering OpenTelemetry installation and instrumentation in Python. * Best practices and common pitfalls for distributed tracing * How to prepare to roll out OpenTelemetry across your organization Join Ted Young, Director of Developer Education at Lightstep, to learn how to get started with distributed tracing in Python using OpenTelemetry.

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