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The complete guide to distributed tracing

This guide will help you understand how distributed tracing provides unrivaled visibility and analysis in systems that can have dozens, hundreds, or thousands of services working together. You'll also learn: - How to establish true observability with distributed tracing - How your service affects — and is affected by — dependencies - How to decide when to take action by focusing on symptoms that directly impact users

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Interview with Skyscanner: Observability Best Practices & OpenTelemetry

This year's virtual o11yfest was packed with valuable insight geared towards observability system and process solutions. In a session led by Skyscanner’s Principal Engineer, Daniel Gomez Blanco, we learned all about how to transparently migrate 300+ services to OpenTelemetry. In this conversation, Lightstep's Ted Young will follow up with Daniel by diving even deeper into this topic.

OpenTelemetry adoption at Microsoft

Ted and Reiley discuss how Microsoft is baking OpenTelemetry into .NET, the OpenTelemetry approach to design by balancing enterprise concerns with ease of use, how the collector will eventually grow a control plane, and more.

Why distributed tracing will replace (most) logging: Ted Young and Ben Sigelman

Lightstep co-founder and CEO, Ben Sigelman, and OpenTelemetry co-founder, Ted Young, discuss why tracing will gradually replace logging for distributed or cloud-native architectures.

Modern Observability with OpenTelemetry

From java to javascript, OpenTelemetry is going to change the way we monitor and instrument our systems. How? Here's a hint: the three pillars are a terrible metaphor.

What is OpenTelemetry?

What is OpenTelemetry? How does OpenTelemetry work? Open Telemetry is the new standard is generating traces, metrics, and logs from your applications. It works by allowing developers to use common SDK's and API's in their services that handle all the heavy lifting of generating said data.


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