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The complete guide to distributed tracing

This guide will help you understand how distributed tracing provides unrivaled visibility and analysis in systems that can have dozens, hundreds, or thousands of services working together. You'll also learn: - How to establish true observability with distributed tracing - How your service affects — and is affected by — dependencies - How to decide when to take action by focusing on symptoms that directly impact users

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Announcing Change Intelligence

Powered by cutting-edge distributed tracing and a groundbreaking metrics database, and built by the team that launched observability at Google, Lightstep’s Change Intelligence provides actionable insights to help teams answer the question “What caused that change?

SLA vs SLO vs SLI: All you need to know

Learn the definition and differences between SLA (Service-level agreement), SLO (Service-level objective), and SLI (Service-level indicator). Forrest will break each SL(x) down with examples.

OpenTelemetry insights: What are traces and metrics?

Sit down with OpenTelemetry co-founder Ted Young and Technical Committee member Josh MacDonald to discuss traces and metrics in OpenTelemetry.

Distributed Tracing and Logging: Deep dive with Forrest Knight

A deep dive into distributed tracing and logging while looking into traces, metrics, Change Intelligence, and more.

99 Percent Visible Tech Talks with Kat Cosgrove

They say you don't truly understand something until you can teach it to someone else, so in the spirit of that, let me teach you what I've learned in my time teaching developers. Everyone learns differently, but everyone also has something they can teach you.

Using observability to enumerate service dependencies

Learn how you can use observability, distributed tracing, and Lightstep to enumerate service dependencies. Forrest will run through an example from the API gateway to the service diagram in Lightstep.

Context Propagation makes OpenTelemetry awesome

Context Propagation is a fundamental part of OpenTelemetry's architecture. Tracing, metrics, and logs all make use of it. In part one of this series, we'll cover the problem that Context Propagation solves, and an overview of how it works.

Observability on an Island - Josh MacDonald @ Deserted Island DevOps

Telemetry agents (collectors, sidecars) run in isolated environments with expensive communication bandwidth, like an island! Agents are operated remotely and have to be brought up with limited observability. Until the agents become operational, they are operated by field technicians who are usually not experts in observability. After the agents become operational, they are expected to be very reliable, which means they have to meet the highest standard for observability.

Observability won't replace monitoring

Recorded for the online CTO Summit on Tuesday, May 18th, 2021 on improving observability


Lightstep sounds like a lovely idea

Monitoring and observability for the world’s most reliable systems