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The complete guide to distributed tracing

This guide will help you understand how distributed tracing provides unrivaled visibility and analysis in systems that can have dozens, hundreds, or thousands of services working together. You'll also learn: - How to establish true observability with distributed tracing - How your service affects — and is affected by — dependencies - How to decide when to take action by focusing on symptoms that directly impact users

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An engineering leader’s guide to OpenTelemetry

Curious about OpenTelemetry and how it can help your team? Read this guide to learn the importance of telemetry in applications, why an open source and vendor-neutral approach is critical, why OpenTelemetry is the best choice for organizations, and more.

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The Future of Observability with OpenTelemetry

Analysis tools are fundamentally limited by the data they are provided. OpenTelemetry is a revolution in observability data. Instead of running multiple, uncoordinated pipelines, OpenTelemetry provides users with a single integrated stream of data, containing all common forms of observability — tracing, metrics, logs, and more. This report goes beyond “what is OpenTelemetry?” and answers “how is OpenTelemetry going to change observability?” You'll learn how to: - Accurately asses upcoming shifts in technology - Seamlessly roll out OpenTelemetry across your org - Implement a robust observability pipeline based on OTel

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Beyond onClick: handling events in react

Great modern web applications are highly interactive and effective event management is critical to giving users the control they want. Luckily for us, React makes handling events in a cross-browser compatible way easy. In this guide, you’ll learn about: - Events in React - Using React Event Handlers - Using a DOM addEventListener - Events in the Browser

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Observability: what is it good for?

Observability tools form the cornerstone of understanding what’s happening in your systems. These tools only offer real value when they’re used across your organization. When many people think about observability, their thoughts immediately jump to oncall and investigating production incidents. Read this guide for insight on what observability is good for and how to use it. You’ll also learn how observability has an equally important role to play in many day-to-day activities, including: Deploying new features Optimizing critical code Planning architectural changes to the application

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Why tracing might replace (almost) all logging

Lightstep CEO and Co-founder Ben Sigelman shares his vision for the future of distributed tracing. This is a guide about why tracing will gradually replace most logging, at least where distributed or cloud-native architectures are concerned. And we’re going to explore this through the lens of a relational data model. It’s going to be fun! You'll also learn: The importance of structured logging How logs can hinder instrumenting a microservice The right way to solve the logging problem

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The ultimate guide on how not to spend 10,000 hours maintaining Prometheus

Your organization has grown over the years and you're expected to continue providing monitoring for your organization, but your resources are stretched as thin as ever. You need an enterprise-ready solution to take the stress out of your monitoring. It's time to start tackling your technical debt and look at a solution that not only ticks your organization's boxes (security, scalability, price), but also helps you achieve your goals.


How to scale Prometheus (hint: it's not Prometheus)

In this guide, we'll dive into the specifics of each question. By the end, you'll have a clear understanding of Prometheus, how Lightstep compares, and how to start sending us your metrics. You'll also learn: - The differences between Lightstep and Prometheus - How to get started with our Prometheus sidecar - The common gotchas to watch out for when migrating


OpenTelemetry & observability: achieving full system visibility

Look no further for full system visibility. Observability and OpenTelemetry are the perfect match to give you the confidence and certainty in your system. In this guide, you’ll learn how to combine OpenTelemetry and Observability with the help of standardized instrumentation, the OpenTelemetry Protocol (OTLP), and the OpenTelmetry Collector. You’ll also learn: * what observability is * how it’s observability has evolved * what role OpenTelemetry plays * how Lightstep is helping push OpenTelemetry forward

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The ultimate guide to cardinality for observability

Why should you learn about cardinality when building an observability practice? Cardinality is an unavoidable consequence of scale that can’t be solved by simply throwing more resources at it. This guide will help you understand what it is, why it impacts observability, as well as how to work with, and around the limitations of high cardinality performance data. You’ll also learn how to: * think of metrics as the edge of your telemetry * be consistent with attributes * treat your observability code

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