Our approach

Monitor what matters most and diagnose anomalies within seconds, across web, mobile, monoliths, and microservices.

Analyze every transaction at scale

Observe every request. In real-time. Across web, mobile, microservices, and monoliths regardless of your infrastructure setup.

Measure performance where it matters most

Pursue any business objective that depends on fast, reliable software. Define SLAs for custom, fine-grained criteria.

Pinpoint the root cause

Diagnose performance problems across service boundaries and identify the teams that can fix them using distributed traces.

Engineered to see everything

[x]PM is built on LightStep’s cutting-edge Satellite Architecture that distributes data collection and statistical analyses, yielding targeted insights from anywhere within today’s software systems.

Satellites (on premise) run within the customer’s environment and network region. They observe all transactions and communicate continuously with the LightStep Engine. They can scrub PII or other data before it exits the customer environment.

LightStep Engine (SaaS) uses statistical models and customer configuration to identify and record detailed timeseries data and the end-to-end traces that will be most valuable to the customer.

Use cases

LightStep [x]PM offers unique capabilities because it can observe all transactions in real-time without overhead.

Trace across all boundaries

End-to-end traces showing full transactions from web and mobile clients all the way to backend microservices, from private cloud to public cloud.

Never miss performance outliers

LightStep pinpoints actual instances of latency issues and errors by computing statistics on 100% of diagnostic data, providing a complete root cause analysis.

Jump to the bottleneck

Stop wasting time searching for the problem and immediately focus on the source of slowness with automated critical path detection.

Reduce Mean Time to Resolution (MTTR)

Prompt, content-rich alerts provide real-time example traces, enabling you to visualize, identify, and resolve issues faster than ever.

Monitor specific customers

Never let a customer find out you have a problem before you do. Proactively measure SLAs and manage alerts for each customer.

Create a culture of accountability

Specify and enforce performance contracts between teams, anywhere across the organization.

Get data when and where you want it

Embed best-in-class performance analytics into dashboards and workflows via webhooks and turnkey integrations with Grafana, Slack, and PagerDuty.

Release with confidence

Deploy LightStep in staging environments and alongside canaries in order to quickly detect potential issues and keep your CI/CD efforts on track.

Optimize what matters

Use critical path data to focus performance optimizations precisely where the end user will actually experience the difference.

Key features

[x]PM is ready for today’s enterprise systems.

Control what stays on-prem

Scrub PII in the satellites

Single sign-on

SSO with SAML or OAuth

Built on open standards

Best-in-class OpenTracing support

SOC2 Aligned

Secure by design

Plays well with others

Integrated with PagerDuty, Slack, Grafana, and others


Streamline your workflow with our APIs


Integrations with CNCF technologies and leading communication and dashboarding tools enable you to get the data when and where you need it and as part of your standard workflow.