Complete System Visibility

  • Know the exact impact of every change in your system, whether a deploy, code or config change, new traffic pattern, or issues with a third party dependency
  • Track and pinpoint performance issues across any number of services
  • See every dependency — with critical path highlighting — no matter how far up or downstream

Distributed Tracing — From the Team That Created Distributed Tracing

  • Analyze all event data for end-to-end requests — from mobile to backend to the code-level or db statement
  • Navigate, explore, and query any element of your system in real time with unlimited cardinality
  • Understand how backend behavior affects the customer experience: every swipe, click, tap, and interaction

Built for Continuous Integration and Deployment

  • See how deployments or other changes affect specific services — by version, by product line, or even by customer, in production, at scale
  • Automatically roll back deployments before SLOs are breached
  • Continuously audit your CI/CD pipeline across multiple clouds, frameworks, and environments

The World’s Fastest RCA Engine

  • Understand complex performance issues in seconds with Correlations
  • Automatically surface all the information you need to identify or resolve an issue — instead of grepping through logs
  • Reveal outliers and resolve them before customers are impacted

Simplify Workflows Across Teams and Technology

  • Easily share comprehensive views of system behavior with Snapshots
  • Alert with context — include relevant logs, metadata, and critical path summaries
  • Start from an effective first pane of glass into any event, incident, or investigation

Scale without Limit

  • Unique Satellite Architecture ingests 100% of unsampled event data
  • Process near-infinite data volume — without affecting speed or fidelity
  • No additional costs based on the number of hosts or or data ingress

Works with the Tools You’re Using Right Now

Powered by open standards, LightStep works with virtually any combination of languages, frameworks, or technology.


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