Detect All Outliers

Analyze 100% of transactions in production at scale with the LightStep Satellite Architecture so you never miss an outlier again. Manage SLOs along any dimension of even the most complex system and establish automated alerts for abnormal behavior.

Streamline Root Cause Analysis

Real-time intelligent analysis without cardinality constraints and complete traces across the entire stack provides a deep understanding of complex system behavior, eliminates the need to rely on intuition, and streamlines root cause analysis.

LightStep [x]PM Latency Histogram - Distributed Tracing

Move beyond P99

See performance as distributions across your entire system rather than oversimplified statistics. Latency histograms let you discover, categorize, and isolate distinct performance behaviors. Historical context, even for tags and operations you never thought to monitor, makes it easy to understand what’s normal and what’s not. Enable your team with more than just basic tracing.

Trace transactions across every layer

Examine complete traces from web and mobile clients down to low-level services and back. Automated critical path detection lets you quickly jump to the bottlenecks with related tags, log payloads, and error information presented inline for context.

LightStep [x]PM Trace View - Distributed Systems

Segment along any dimension and never miss an outlier

Monitor any facet of your application no matter how fine-grained the criteria whether it's a specific service, operation, release version, or even an individual customer. There are no limits on cardinality. Every anomaly is captured so you never have to worry about missing an outlier that matters.

Easily share full system analyses across teams

Snapshots are precise, detailed views of system performance at a given point in time, including hundreds of traces. Snapshots are automatically created so you can revisit past system behavior even if you didn’t think to save it at the time. Sharing Snapshots makes it easy to bring teammates up to speed during live incidents and eliminates the need for individual recollections during post-mortems.

Unique Satellite Architecture

[x]PM analyzes 100% of unsampled transaction data from highly-distributed, large-scale production software to produce complete end-to-end traces and robust metrics that explain performance behaviors and accelerate root cause analysis.

Satellites (on premise) can analyze a near-limitless amount of data and communicate insights continuously to the LightStep Engine. Satellites run within your environment and network region. They can scrub PII or other sensitive information before it exits your environment.

LightStep Engine (SaaS) uses statistical models and custom configurations to intelligently surface important events like errors and unusual latency spikes. It securely stores detailed Snapshots of system behavior, timeseries data, and distributed traces.

Use cases

LightStep [x]PM is designed from its foundations to address the challenges faced by enterprises building and operating increasingly complex software at scale.

Reduce MTTR with evidence-based firefighting

Shareable full system Snapshots are captured for every anomaly, giving you rich context about the incident, ending the guessing game, and allowing you to resolve on-call incidents faster than ever.

Optimize for the critical path

Automated critical path detection lets you jump to the bottleneck and focus on optimizations precisely where the end user will experience the difference.

Release with confidence

Quickly detect reliability issues in staging environments and canaries to prevent outages in production and keep your CI/CD efforts on track.

Improve customer satisfaction

Proactively manage custom SLAs and SLOs. Never let a customer find out you have a problem before you do.

Built for the enterprise

Built on open standards, including best-in-class OpenTracing support

Single sign-on and role-based access controls

Comprehensive APIs and data portability

Heterogeneous programming language, framework, and mobile platform support

Technical customer success team you can count on

Pricing not based on consumption or data volume

Integrates with your workflow

Integrations with CNCF technologies, service meshes, and leading data visualization and collaboration tools enable you to get the data when and where you need it and as part of your standard workflow.

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