With Lightstep, it takes us three minutes to know which service is affected, where before required grepping for an hour.
Omar Mezenner
Omar Mezenner
Software Engineer

What makes Lightstep unique?

Insights, instantly

Lightstep's correlation engine finds the cause for every effect, even across service boundaries. With an architecture that scales 100x further than traditional APM tools, Lightstep finds patterns where others can't.

Unlimited cardinality, unlimited hosts, unlimited data

Our pricing structure is based on services and users, not tags or data volumes, so teams can get the level of detail they need without breaking the bank.

Ease of use

Automatic instrumentation for popular programming languages lets you go from installation to insights in a matter of minutes – no code changes required.

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Deploy, detect, develop

Instantly detect everything from minor fluctuations to major deployments anywhere in your system. Before-and-after snapshots of service health help you understand how newly-deployed changes upstream or downstream impact the performance of your service, and cut reactive investigation time down to a matter of minutes.

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Investigate and resolve issues faster

Automatically detect the root cause of issues and resolve performance regressions immediately. Latency and error analysis drill downs help you surface the operations and tags that most correlated to latency and errors

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Understand every dependency, bottleneck, and request

Service diagrams offer a dynamic overview of your system, automatically highlighting bottlenecks and the critical path of requests across the entire stack. Want to drill in? Zoom into our Operations Diagram to see what’s happening within a single service.

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Learn more about operations diagrams

Simplify workflows across teams and technology

Replace tribal knowledge — Who owns this service? — with answers that you can immediately see and share. Comprehensive views of system and service behavior deliver immediate visibility; customizable alerts include relevant logs, traces, metrics, metadata, and critical path summaries for complete context.

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Don’t worry about overhead or data volume

Our unique Satellite architecture ingests 100% of unsampled event data, processes near-infinite data volume without affected speed or fidelity, without any additional costs based on the number of hosts or data ingress.

Get started in minutes

With auto-instrumentation and out-of-the box access to our distributed tracing engine, you can start getting actionable insights in just a few minutes.

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Work with the tools you're using right now

Powered by open standards, Lightstep works with virtually any combination of languages, frameworks, or technology.

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