Best-in-class distributed tracing and instrumentation

Up to 3 services and 2 users
Limited Event Data

Unlimited events and services
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Monitor, investigate, and improve your system

Up to 5 services and 8 users
Unlimited Event Data

Add services for $299/month
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Complete system visibility at massive scale

Unlimited services and users
Unlimited Event Data

Seats & Services

LightStep's value increases as it is deployed at scale and with detailed context. The more services instrumented, the more valuable our visualization, analysis, and insights become. Similarly, the value of LightStep increases as more developers use the product.

A services-and-seats pricing model allows us to support and scale with your business, while encouraging high throughputs of transactional event data for analysis.

We define a service as a set of processes that provide a set of functionality to your users or other services. Usually, these processes all run the same binary, .jar, etc. A service might be a database, an API gateway, or an authentication service. A mobile app also counts as a service. Notably, a service is not an instance, and 10 instances (or 1 million phones) all running the same code would only count as a single service.

Unlimited Data,
Unlimited Hosts

Unlike other solutions, LightStep does not charge on hosts or data volume. Send unlimited amounts of data at no extra cost — whether it’s a sudden spike in visitors from a viral post, Black Friday, or simply the growth of your business over time.

Our customers send us all transactional event data. Rich tagging, log context, and database calls increase the value of your traces and insights, enabling developers to quickly detect and resolve issues — often without requiring deep system expertise.