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AWS observability at scale

Use Lightstep's observability tools across your entire AWS or multi-cloud infrastructure.

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“One of the biggest advantages Lightstep offers is that all of a sudden you see all the dependencies — even those you weren’t originally tracking or focused on.”

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Automatically surface the root cause — anywhere in your AWS stack

With unlimited cardinality and a high-fidelity dataset uncompromised by head or tail sampling Lightstep enables even the world’s largest companies to analyze every request, understand every detail, and isolate performance issues anywhere in your stack in just three clicks.

Instrumentation shouldn’t be a 4 letter word

We co-founded OpenTelemetry to give developers access to portable, vendor-neutral telemetry data. Our team has worked closely with AWS to help develop rich instrumentation.

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Lightstep automatically gathers information from every request across all your services, and supports most languages, frameworks, and platforms.

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