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An ecosystem of tooling and developer practices that bakes observability into high velocity software development.
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Build with the Lightstep API

Easily inject high-value distributed tracing context into your products and workflows with streams and snapshots via the Lightstep API.

Our unique API delivers data, analysis, and insights to expedite issue discovery and resolution within partners’ solutions.
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Solve with Lightstep playbooks

Replace fragmented workflows split across many tools with simpler, streamlined user experiences. Our playbooks provide teams easy-to-implement guides to get started with Lighstep and our partners.

“By bringing Observability data directly into the pull request process on GitHub, developers can avoid context switching, gain more ownership of how their code performs in production, and better support DevOps within their organization.”

Chris Patterson

Product Manager for GitHub Actions at Github
Pager Duty

Partnership spotlight

Designed specifically to help developers regain control over the performance and reliability of their code, the Lightstep Pre-deploy Check GitHub Action completes a risk assessment and delivers the ability to understand entire system health within their service Pull Request. Together with Rollbar and PagerDuty, we’re helping developers avoid deploys that are going to run into problems, even before code is merged.

The Services Change Report Action connects code and effect by using Lightstep to generate and compare snapshots from related services, all through common GitHub features like pull requests and issues.

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