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Own Your Data

Switch to and from any other OpenTelemetry-compatible observability platform without changing your instrumentation.

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Integrated Everywhere

Integrate with virtually anything — proxies, service meshes, frameworks, and common languages such as Java, C#, Go, NodeJS, Python, C++, Erlang, PHP, Ruby, Rust, and Swift.

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No Sampling

LightStep’s unique Satellite Architecture collects 100% of your tracing data — including data from mobile apps, web clients, and serverless — offering end-to-end visibility into every aspect of your application.

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Traces Transformed

Aggregate, analyze, and visualize thousands of traces in order to answer specific, high-value questions about the health of your services or system.

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Faster Firefighting

Quickly identify the services, dependencies, and teams responsible for slowness, errors, or other issues that cross service boundaries.

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Performance Optimization

Know which optimization efforts will improve availability and performance, and where cycles would otherwise be wasted. Analyze how performance changes over time — whether it’s a SQL query or all microsevice requests for a customer.

What is OpenTelemetry?

OpenTelemetry is dedicated to providing high-quality, vendor-neutral, portable, open-source telemetry from any modern app written in any modern language. It is formed from the merger of OpenTracing and OpenCensus.


Why are OpenTracing and OpenCensus merging?

Having two similar-yet-not-identical projects out in the world created confusion for technology adopters and made it harder to realize the goal of observable-by-default applications. The teams at LightStep, Google, Microsoft, and others, responding to feedback from stakeholders across the technology spectrum, have come together to create OpenTelemetry to carry forward the vision of observability everywhere.


What is LightStep’s relationship to OpenTracing, OpenCensus, and OpenTelemetry?

In 2016, LightStep helped found OpenTracing, the first common, portable API for distributed tracing, along with other members of the open-source community around tracing and observability. In 2018, Google released a related but distinct portable instrumentation project called OpenCensus.

Now, LightStep, Google, Microsoft, and other organizations and open-source projects are working to merge the OpenTracing and OpenCensus projects: this new merged project is called OpenTelemetry.

The primary design goal for OpenTelemetry is backwards-compatibility with both OpenTracing and OpenCensus. In this way, OpenTelemetry is essentially the next major version of both OpenTracing and OpenCensus, with compatibility guaranteed through straightforward software bridges.

Regardless of what standard is used, LightStep is committed to being the best place to surface insight, visualize service dependencies, and share detailed views of system performance. LightStep’s unique satellite architecture analyzes complete, unsampled transaction data offering end-to-end visibility into any trace, operation, or service, and immediate, evidence-based insights into system performance.

Open Source

OpenTelemetry is 100% open source and community-driven. All components are available at GitHub.

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OpenTelemetry is a Cloud Native Computing Foundation project.