[Guide] Observability: what is it good for?

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Instrumentation shouldn't be a four-letter word

With only one line of code, Lightstep's OpenTelemetry Launchers automatically add tracing to your system and provide an immediate understanding of service performance.

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Reduce the effort –– and costs –– of operating complex systems

Exceptionally high-fidelity data

Capture 100% of your event data at scale.

Complete system visibility

Understand every dependency in real time.

Rapid incident resolution

Identify root causes in minutes.

Massively reduce MTTR

Twilio reduced MTTR by 92%. Plaid identified the root cause of integration test failures 20x faster. Lightstep analyzes thousands of events in seconds to surface the exact logs, metrics, and traces developers need to rapidly resolve issues.

See every dependency

Lightstep’s Service Diagrams offer an interactive and real-time overview of system performance and architecture. Through these dynamic maps of any location in your system — including mobile and web — you can easily manage upstream and downstream performance issues, and identify which third-party dependencies are slow or failing.

Deploy with confidence

Lightstep segments real-time performance by deployment, regionality, cluster type, or any other dimension relevant to your organization. Our correlations engine automatically attributes latency or error regressions to a particular build, saving valuable MTTR time in incidents, and enabling CI/CD automations that rollback deployments before customers are affected.

What is OpenTelemetry?

Lightstep co-founded OpenTelemetry to give developers access to high-quality, portable, vendor-neutral telemetry data. It includes a single set of APIs, libraries, agents, and collector services to capture distributed traces and metrics from software applications. With OpenTelemetry Launchers, you can get started with one line of code.

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“Lightstep gives us deep out of the box insight into the state of our application. We’re able to quickly diagnose and resolve regressions.”

Joshua Ma

CTO at Benchling

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Lightstep automatically gathers information from every request across all your services, and supports most languages, frameworks, and platforms.

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