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One tool to unite them all

Reduce monitoring and observability spend, enable higher velocity teams, and standardize systems, processes, and tools

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Drastically Reduce Your Monitoring Spend

Lightstep analyzes 100% of your event data — at no additional cost. That means no surprise charges, no overages, and nothing holding you back from analyzing any number of applications, hosts or gb of data.

Enable Faster, More Effective Teams

Break down silos, end tribal knowledge, and give developers immediate, shared context into any issue. Say goodbye to unknown dependencies, blockers, and senior engineers backlogged with requests for custom dashboards and configurations.

Standardize Systems, Processes, and Tools

Streamline incident resolution and reduce MTTR

Get immediate context for any issue, instead of spending hours searching for answers

Ensure the health of critical infrastructure and VIP customers

Automation, insights, and altering that drives better customer outcomes

Increase system resiliency

Be prepared for any scale or unexpected changes

Lightstep Makes Every Developer More Effective

Platform Engineers: Rapidly scale system monitoring and observability without any additional overhead

SREs: Get complete system context with any alert, so you can rapidly resolve the incidents that matter most

Infrastructure Engineers: Visualize system-wide dependencies to identify bottlenecks and optimize infrastructure

Application Developers: Find latency, bottlenecks and error regressions within seconds to quickly respond to incidents