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Unified observability-as-code to help teams manage the end-to-end pipeline of instrumentation.

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"Observability-as-code can help developers adhere to fully observable standards from the design level, which reduces friction between DevOps and SRE/Ops teams."
Andy Thurai

Vice President and Principal Analyst

Unified Observability-as-Code

Observability-as-Code isn't just about instrumentation or queries, but managing the end-to-end pipeline of instrumentation, to definition, to management of outputs. Proactively enforce best practices around consistency, maintainability, and reproducibility

How to: Observability-Landscape-as-CodeHow to: Observability-Landscape-as-Code

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Unified across the platform

With Lightstep’s Unified Query Language (UQL), teams will have an easier time migrating their observability from other scattered tools onto a unified Lightstep platform through a single query language, making it possible to query and correlate metrics, logs, and traces on demand across across thousands of services across your cloud native ecosystem.

Unified queryingUnified querying

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Got Terraform?

Manage your Lightstep configuration as source code making setting up dashboards for new services and teams even easier. Lightstep’s Terraform Provider is a Hashicorp-verified Provider available on the Terraform registry, which allows organizations to automate configuration of Lightstep resources including alerts and dashboards using the Hashicorp Configuration Language (HCL).

Lightstep Terraform RegistryLightstep Terraform RegistryLightstep Terraform ProviderLightstep Terraform Provider


APIs - APIs Everywhere

For organizations that heavily rely on APIs to get things done, manage all of your dashboarding, alerting (including snoozing), and customizations built on top of the Lightstep Platform, via our public API.

Check out our API DocsCheck out our API Docs


More powerful dashboards and alerts

Create more targeted queries with UQL’s advanced operators and intuitive piped syntax that allows you to iteratively build out more sophisticated queries.

Review our one pager cheatsheetcheatsheet and reference docreference doc and try out your own queries!

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