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Transform your troubleshooting journey with Lightstep

Reduce time spent investigating, and increase the time spent building

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Analysis - in context

Reduce mean time to resolution and drive proactive performance improvements. Without breaking your investigative flow, you can now quickly understand the scope of the problem by looking upstream and downstream with data powered by your tracing.

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What happened and why?

You can access Change Intelligence within Lightstep Notebooks by clicking the “Analyze Deviation” button so that any developer, operator, or SRE can instantly understand changes in their service's health and - most importantly - what caused those changes by suggesting routes to continue their investigation.


Isolate outliers quickly

Lightstep is known for its ability to handle seriously large volumes of data at scale. Spot trends and outliers easily using our Heatmaps.

Flexible for all types of users

Unified observability - truly

Harness the power of Lightstep across all your telemetry. Our core features, such as notebooks and dashboards, are agnostic of telemetry type allowing you to search all your data types - no need to know what you're looking for before you start looking, in true observability fashion.


Simplified search

Knowing what data you're after is a luxury that developers of systems with variability and unknown permutations don't have. Developers in these types of systems ask questions based on hypotheses to find the answer. This is especially powerful in dynamic environments with changing complexity.

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Collaborate across org boundaries

Notebooks is a collaborative tool designed to help developers, SREs, and Ops teams collaborate to resolve issues in real-time. Improve incident response rates with context of the problem and begin collaborating on alerts and incident response.

Granular, context-specific data

Lightstep addresses the needs that arise throughout the course of a team's troubleshooting journey by providing granular, context-specific data and facilitating the ability to collaborate to resolve issues in real-time and in postmortems.

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