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LightStep Brings Performance Management to Microservices

by TC Currie(@TCCurrie)

LightStep [x]PM is designed to absorb orders of magnitude more transactional data, more than previously thought possible, Ben Sigelman, CEO, explained. “With that additional information and context, we can provide insights about software that are more relevant to the most critical business needs of our customers that resolve issues, whether they are short-term fires or long-term business issues.” Read more >

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LightStep emerges from stealth with a tool for application performance monitoring

by Jonathan Shieber(@Katie_Roof)

LightStep, a company which has developed a new tool for application performance management, has emerged from stealth with $29 million dollars [in funding]....The company counts Digital Ocean, Github, Twilio and Yext as customers, and no doubt it’s that early adoption from customers that led to the company attracting the attention of Sequoia, which led the company’s latest, $20 million financing. Read more >

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LightStep launches monitoring tools for microservices-based apps

by Mike Wheatley(@mike_wheatley)

“LightStep is the future of monitoring and was instrumental in our move to microservices,” said Pete Morelli, Lyft’s vice president of engineering. “Our systems generate more than 100 billion microservice calls per day. LightStep is one of the only systems that can make sense of that firehose: It jumps to the root cause of performance problems anywhere from mobile all the way to the bottom of our distributed stack.” Read more >

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LightStep Launches With [x]PM For Complex Application Performance Monitoring

by Justin Warren(@jpwarren)

I like that [x]PM can integrate with existing systems in an enterprise. It has native OpenTracing support, and can also plug in to centralized logging systems (think Splunk and SumoLogic), as well as service mesh tools and load-balancers like nginx and haproxy. There's lots of existing investment in logging and monitoring systems, and they're not without value, they just don't cover the full range of use-cases. Read more >

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Ex-Googlers Launch LightStep for Hybrid App Performance Management

by Mitch Wagner(@MitchWagner)

Using LightStep, enterprises can selectively monitor aspects of performance that matter to the business, and set off alerts or scripts for particular events. For example, one enterprise uses LightStep to create Zendesk trouble tickets within seconds of a large account experiencing performance problems. Read more >

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LightStep launches to help companies understand why their apps don’t perform well

by Blair Hanley Frank(@belril)

“The thesis for the company is that the complexity and scale of the software systems that power enterprises is just growing at an unhealthy clip, and someone needs to start from scratch and think about how we deliver insights about those systems,” said Ben Sigelman, CEO, in an interview. Read more >