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An Influx of Microservices Creates New Requirements for APM, Report Says

by Ali Longwell(@sdxcentral)

“Microservices enable organizations to be more agile and scale more effectively,” said Ben Sigelman, LightStep co-founder and CEO. “Monolithic applications can create a logjam for developers because teams cannot operate independently, making it extremely difficult to innovate and scale effectively.” LightStep’s own APM tool, [x]PM, was designed for microservices and traces and monitors across service boundaries without upfront data sampling, agents, or performance overhead. Read more >

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Survey Finds Microservices Teething Issues

by George Leopold(@EnterpriseTek)

“Customers lose track of transactions as they pass from service to service, and that renders those tools completely ineffective in the presence of microservices,” CEO Ben Sigelman said. Difficulty identifying the root causes of performance issues means it takes longer to resolve issues, degrading application performance. Forty percent of those polled said those operational issues end up increasing expenses while just over one-quarter reported lost revenue. Read more >

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Microservices: Huge Potential, but getting it Right Requires Discipline, Organization and Maturity

by Dick Weisinger(@DickAtFormtek)

Many businesses are experimenting with microservices, most of them with some amount of success. A recent study by Dimensional Research and sponsored by LightStep found that 92 percent of businesses that currently use microservices plan to expand their use. Well more than three-quarters of businesses say that the biggest advantages of the microservice architecture are agility and scalability, and these were also the motivators that led them to adopt this approach. Read more >

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How to mitigate the complexity of microservice communication

by George Lawton(@glawton)

Our approach to continuous deployment emphasizes outliers and other early warning signs of possible systemic problems with each new release," said Ben Sigelman, CEO of LightStep Inc. They also use metrics to identify key symptoms, use logs to analyze exceptional situations and use tracing to do the heavy lifting of root-cause analysis. Read more >

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Virtual Panel: Microservices Communication and Governance Using Service Mesh

by Srini Penchikala(@srinip)

Service mesh makes the communication between microservices flexible and reliable. It provides the critical capabilities needed in distributed services environments such as resiliency, service discovery, load balancing, encryption, authentication & authorization, fault tolerance (via service retry and circuit breaker). Read more >

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What are the emerging trends in software development?

by George Lawton(@glawton)

When continuous testing becomes mainstream, expect some fundamental shifts in how companies think about the differences between development and deployment. "Software will be in production earlier, but only for a small fraction or a special subset of traffic," said Ben Sigelman, co-founder and CEO of LightStep. "This transition means that the 'dev' or 'staging' environment is being phased out; production is the only game in town." Read more >

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DevOps and Cloud InfoQ Trends Report – January 2018

by InfoQ Staff

We’ve seen considerable consolidation of container orchestration, with Kubernetes having “won” the battle. We think that Service Mesh technology will become the new focal point for developers. Kubernetes will also be used as a foundation for hybrid-cloud -- implementing raw cloud brokerage is now an anti-pattern.
Fullstack tracing -> Early adopter (e.g. OpenTracing, AWS X-Ray and LightStep)
ML for Ops insight and alerting -> Innovator (e.g. LightStep, AWS GuardDuty) Read more >

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Cisco’s Skyport Move Illustrates APM Movement

by Paula Bernier(@PaulaBernierTMC)

"LightStep [x]PM not only finds our performance problems, it tells us why they're happening,” Twilio Senior Vice President Platform Jason Hudak said. “Within an hour of running LightStep, our billing transactions team was able to identify issues and deliver betterments that led to a 70 percent reduction in latency. LightStep helps me sleep better at night knowing that our engineers will able to identify and remediate issues in real-time, maintaining customers' trust in Twilio." Read more >

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BiB 021: LightStep Performance Monitoring For Cloud Native Applications

by Ethan Banks(@ecbanks)

My take is that LightStep is performance monitoring for the long-term. They have skated to where the puck is going, creating a system that excels in cloud-native application deployments, while still supporting those architectures that are transitioning from legacy into the future. Read more >

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Cloudy Chat Podcast: OpenTracing, Microservices, Distributed Monitoring, and More with Ben Sigelman

by Gordon Haff(@ghaff)

Ben Sigelman, CEO of LightStep, talks with Gordon Haff about LightStep [x]PM, OpenTracing, and more. Read more >