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SD Times news digest: LightStep’s new capabilities

by Christina Cardoza(@chriscatdoza)

“Software has evolved tremendously over the past twenty years, but unfortunately the way that we both reason about and measure performance has barely changed, until now,” said Ben Sigelman, co-founder and CEO of LightStep. “It’s time for people to stop thinking about software performance as a single number and to see it as a shape. Our new product capabilities make even subtle performance regressions self-evident, and with LightStep’s distributed tracing capabilities, our customers can isolate the root cause without the guesswork intrinsic to previous approaches.” Read more >

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Microservices Management: Securing Endpoints

by Lori MacVittie(@lmacvittie)

We’ve progressed from client-server to web to mobile and are now in the midst of the microservices movement. If you aren’t there yet, don’t fret, you will be. The majority of IT professionals – 86% to be exact – expect microservices to be the default within five years, according to the latest LightStep Microservices Trends report. Read more > Logo

Microservices Momentum Accelerates

by Mike Vizard(@mvizard)

LightStep CEO Ben Sigelman said... Not only is software becoming more challenging to manage, APM tools are now a prerequisite. Historically, IT organizations only monitored their most mission-critical applications. But the level of dependency each microservice has on others requires a more holistic approach to APM, Sigelman said, noting that IT teams now need to be able to see well beyond the border of any one microservice. Read more >

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Quest for data management agility and scalability driving interest in microservices

by Bob Violino(@BobViolino)

Agility (cited by 82 percent) and scalability (78 percent), were the top motivators for microservice adoption. About three quarters (73 percent) said it is harder to troubleshoot application performance problems in a microservices environment compared with a traditional environment, and 74 percent plan to increase their microservice performance management investment next year. Read more >

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Kubernetes and microservices: A developers’ movement to make the web faster, stable, and more open

by Chris O'Brien(@obrien)

A report commissioned by LightStep, which surveyed 353 developers from companies around the world, found that 86 percent expect microservices will become the default development architecture within five years. Read more >

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This Week in Numbers: Data and Troubleshooting Problems Caused by Microservices

by Lawrence Hecht(@LawrenceHecht)

Developers with microservices in their roadmaps are pushing forward with adoption, but they face several challenges related to monitoring, according to a recent survey by application performance management (APM) vendor Lightstep that sponsored a survey by Dimensional Research. Read more >

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Everything announced at KubeCon + CloudNativeCon Europe 2018

by Chris O'Brien(@obrien)

LightStep: Released a new report that shows the growing wave of enthusiasm for microservices but also points to emerging challenges. Read more >

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New study shows rapid growth in microservices adoption among enterprises

by Maria Deutscher(@SiliconANGLE)

Enterprise adoption of the microservices approach to software development is growing rapidly and practically all those that have embraced the technology so far expect it to become their default application architecture. That’s according to a new report from Dimensional Research Inc. on behalf of LightStep Inc., a well-funded application management startup. The firm surveyed 353 “senior development stakeholders” responsible for microservices adoption at their companies. Read more >

App Developer Magazine

Record growth in microservices

by Richard Harris(@AppDeveloperMag)

"The introduction of microservices makes everyday performance and root cause analysis far more challenging....That’s why we ended up with a fundamentally different approach to performance management, one specifically designed for this new era,” said Ben Sigelman, co-founder and CEO of LightStep. Read more >

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Small and mighty: OSS/BSS microservices

by Tim Young(@PipelineWire)

“The microservice architecture allows for more effective customization, programmability and upgrades,” said Gartner’s Martina Kurth in a recent blog post. “Digital innovators in other industries, such as Airbnb, Dropbox and Twitter, have achieved significant development agility and time-to-market improvements of up to 75 percent by adopting this approach.” Read more >