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Control and Responsibility in Deep Systems

by Chris Stewart(@mrchrisno1)

As deep systems become more prevalent in today’s high-speed digital enterprises, DevOps must find the best tools in order to manage them. We spoke with Ben Sigelman, co-founder and CEO at LightStep, about how deep systems emerge, microservice observability, and the difficult aspects of dealing with deep systems. Read more >

Where Enterprise Apps are Headed in 2020

by Enterprise Apps Today(@EntApps2Day)

As the saying goings, hindsight is always 20/20, but with the new year coming there is plenty of foresight and predictions for 2020. The enterprise applications space has undergone significant disruption in recent years, which is likely to continue for years yet to come. In this 2020 predictions roundup, EnterpriseAppsToday has assembled insight from industry experts on what to expect for the year to come. Read more >

Deep Systems and Microservices

by Jordan Baker(@JordanB_DZone)

Microservices have helped revolutionize the software industry. These modular bundles of code allow developers to work in a far more agile fashion, thus increasing the speed with which organizations can deploy functionalities and fix errors in their applications. In deep systems, your team's microservice likely depends on all the other (and the could be hundreds, if not thousands) of microservices your organization uses working correctly. Read more >

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Managing Microservice “Deep Systems”: Q&A with Ben Sigelman

by Erik Costlow(@costlow)

InfoQ recently spoke with Ben Sigelman, CEO of LightStep and founder of the OpenTracing and OpenTelemetry projects, to discuss the challenges of managing microservices in deep systems, where individual service owners interact with a huge number of service dependencies that they do not own. Read more >

He Built A Core Technology At Google And Now Raised $70 Million To Change The DNA Of Software Development

by Alejandro Cremades(@acremades)

Ben Sigelman is redesigning the fabric of how software is developed. Some of the most notable VCs are backing his mission with tens of millions of dollars. Sigelman has a love for deep technology and making an impact. His application is making its way into many of the things we interact with every day while empowering developers in their own work. Read more >

ITOps 2020 predictions from around the industry

by ITOps Times(@ITOpsTimes)

In 2020, we will (finally) understand what observability is *for*. 2019 was a breakout year for “observability” as a term, but most of our industry still doesn’t know why they need it or how to develop a strategy around it. Read more >

Emerging Technologies and New Technical Concepts will Introduce New Challenges and Opportunities in 2020

by David Marshall(@vmblog)

The software industry continues to evolve as new technologies enter the ecosystem, becoming more complex and growing at a faster rate than ever before. With these industry changes comes an increased opportunity to better understand existing technology and any related challenges introduced that haven't broken into the mainstream yet - such as observability or deep systems. Read more >

Q&A: LightStep’s Spoonhower on Microservices, Deep Systems

by João-Pierre Ruth(@jpruth)

An interview with LightStep’s CTO and Co-Founder, Daniel "Spoons" Spoonhower to discuss Microservices and Deep Systems. As microservices, multi-cloud, and other features introduce more layers of complexity, developers may need a hand combing through the thicket of apps. Read more >

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Team OpenCensus or OpenTracing? It’ll be neither and both now: Hello, OpenTelemetry

by Richard Speed(@richard_speed)

Something odd happened at Kubecon 2019. Rather than snipe at each other from the safety of Twitter, two very similar open-source projects opted to pool their ideas into one: OpenTelemetry. The project is geared towards solving the problem of working out just what the heck is happening in today's microservices or container-based apps. Read more >

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Tracing Down a Root Cause with LightStep Tracing

by Ken Nalbone(@KenNalbone)

New application architectures require a new approach to monitoring and troubleshooting. When a transaction occurs, following the path it takes from beginning to end is necessary in order to understand application behavior. The transformation of application development and architectures and the need for improved observability and monitoring has given birth to a new class of product and even entirely new companies focused on solving this problem. Read more >