Because 300 Milliseconds is Too Long to Wait

See exactly how backend behavior affects specific end user interaction — and never keep a customer waiting.

Complete Moble-to-Backend Visibility

Backend observability doesn’t tell the entire story — but Lightstep does. You can now analyze entire transactions, and see exactly how your customers experience every swipe, click, tap, and interaction.

Only Lightstep gives you complete, end-to-end snapshots of your system at any moment: before, during, or after every release.

Pinpoint Exactly Where — and Why — Performance Is Slow

Investigate issues with full-system context. When performance is slow, Lightstep identifies why — whether it’s a network issue, a third-party service, part of the mobile app, or something further down the stack. And by isolating issues by segment and severity, you can quickly see how performance issues affect different browser types, geographies, devices, OS versions, mobile platforms, or simply changes over time.

See Every Dependency Across the Entire System

Lightstep’s Service Diagrams offer an interactive and real-time overview of system performance and architecture. Through these dynamic maps of any location in your system — including mobile and web — you can easily manage upstream and downstream performance issues, and even identify which third-party dependencies are slow or failing.

Analyze Unlimited Amounts of Data at No Additional Cost

You don't have to worry about hosts, data volume, or the number of custom attributes you're analyzing. Even if there's a massive spike in visitors. Even if it's Black Friday. Even if your business grows 100x in a short period of time. Unlike conventional monitoring solutions, Lightstep is built for massive scale.

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