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Complete Mobile-to-Backend Visibility

See exactly how backend behavior affects specific end user interaction — and never keep a customer waiting.

Pinpoint exactly where - and why - performance is slow

Analyze entire transactions, and see exactly how your customers experience every swipe, click, tap, and interaction. Lightstep offers an interactive and real-time overview of your system performance and architecture to easily manage upstream and downstream performance issues, including slow or failing third-party dependencies.

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Reduced MTTR from days

to hours

"We were able to rule out issues in our backend service and track this issue down to the most fundamental layer — totally obscured from our team previously."

Ed Thompson

Software Engineer

See every dependency across the entire system

Mobile app performance depends on many pieces of infrastructure working together to deliver their experience. Lightstep Observability lets developers understand how all of the different components of their stack work together.

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Track the newest version

When performance is slow, Lightstep identifies why — whether it’s a network issue, a third-party service, part of the mobile app, or something further down the stack. See how performance issues affect different browser types, geographies, devices, OS versions, mobile platforms, or simply changes over time.

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Every dependency - at scale

Lightstep Observability’s architecture handles unlimited cardinality, which is particularly useful for mobile platforms where the number of unique devices, users, locations, and other important attributes can easily reach high orders of magnitude.


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