Improve Your Migration

Whether you’re just starting to decompose a monolith or looking to make your distributed system more resilient to failure, we’re here to help you along your path to microservices.

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Just Getting Started

Identify easy wins, create success criteria, and test and monitor a limited number of distributed services.

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Decomposing Your Monolith

Connect with existing tools, instrument new services, share learnings across the org, and measure ROI.

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Optimizing a Distributed System

Optimize system performance, enhance SLI alerting, improve RCA and post-mortem processes.

Monolothic to Microservices Challenges

Faster deployments. More independent teams. Increased resilience to failures. Microservices offer many benefits, but they pose unique challenges that require new solutions.

Get the Most Out of Your Migration

Know Which Performance Improvements Actually Make a Difference

LightStep automatically highlights the critical path, allowing you to focus on performance optimizations that will improve the experience of your customers and the services that depend on your team.

Ensure Visibility into Your Entire System

Give your team the tools — and context — needed to navigate a multilayered microservices architecture. Move seamlessly from a high-level view of your dependencies to specific traces, operations, or other signals contributing to issues in production.

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Manage Distributed Systems at Scale

LightStep is purpose-built for complex systems. Individual customers generate as many as half a trillion spans in a 24-hour period — all without incurring additional costs. Unlike other monitoring solutions, LightStep does not charge on host, ingress, or any amount of data required by your organization as it grows.

See why developers choose LightStep to monitor their migration to microservices.