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Dashboards that actually tell you why things happen

Lightstep automatically surfaces which metrics are correlated to the regression you’re investigating.

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Smarter dashboards and alerts

Lightstep’s dashboards directly connect to the exact trace, operation, service — you name it — that is causing an incident or performance issue.

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A faster way to query

Lightstep’s highly accessible query builder enables rapid search, exploration, and discovery.

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Visibility at any scale

Unlimited cardinality. Planet-scale analysis and storage. And easy grouping and filtering by virtually any datapoint — customer, cloud, pod, trace, or more.

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Change Intelligence

Change Intelligence automatically surfaces the most important changes in your system, and enables anyone on your team to understand and resolve complex issues.

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Customize your data retention

Flexible, out-of-the-box retention controls make it easy to enable historical analysis, while keeping costs low.

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Flexible retention

Automatically migrate to Lightstep

Quickly transfer all Datadog, Prometheus/Grafana, and AWS Cloudwatch queries, charts and alerts.

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Built for your workflows

Our team built Google’s planet-scale metrics technology (“Monarch”). Now, we’ve launched state-of-the art application and infrastructure metrics that enable faster and easier workflows for developers and SREs everywhere.

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