It’s 2020 – stop staring at pages full of tiny charts

Lightstep automatically surfaces which metrics are correlated to the regression you’re investigating.

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Telemetry data — including infra metrics — should be a commodity, and we’re leading the way. Lightstep customers (hello there) get access to memory, CPU, and network metrics, for free. This is in addition to end-to-end tracing, unlimited data, and real-time system insights

What's Coming

Never be surprised by your metrics bill. Instrument freely – even with high-cardinality tags – and stop worrying about what it will do to your bill.

Stop guessing and minimize the noise. Lightstep Correlations integrates seamlessly to reveal connections between regressions and your custom metrics, even across services. Whether you’re investigating an alert, an SLI, or virtually any incident, Lightstep automatically surfaces the exact metrics, traces, and logs you need to resolve the issue quickly.

Full-Context Metrics

With Lightstep, you don’t have to constantly flip between dashboards and tabs. We have the full context of your system and what you’re investigating, and we show you what matters when it matters.

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