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Streamlined incident management

Built for DevOps and SREs, we make it easy to manage the life cycle of incidents, from creation to closure.

Built on ServiceNow, a technology trusted by over 6,000 companies.

  • Ensure rapid resolution with automation and unified incident response workflows.

  • Reduce noise with personalized alerts and incident notifications for service owners.

  • Pay for the services you actually use, not the number of people on your team.

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Built on ServiceNow, a technology trusted by over 6,000 companies.

"Lightstep Incident Response has enabled Assembly to connect our SRE teams across different geographies and time zones so they can quickly convert insights into action while also maintaining the reliability and continuity of our critical services. It has been a gamechanger for our on-call engineers and developers. With Lightstep Incident Response, our team is empowered and engaged, knowing that they are armed with the critical context needed to resolve incidents at speed, and deliver the seamless experiences customers have come to expect from us."

Muthu Gurumoorthy

CTO and co-founder at Assembly

"When it comes to managing global supply chain logistics for mission critical deliveries, such as COVID-19 vaccines or food assistance to those in need, customers rely on Roambee’s real-time, sensor-driven supply chain visibility platform. Lightstep Incident Response has helped our teams resolve any issues that arise with greater speed and agility, so we can keep the delivery of these lifesaving products on track, in condition, and get them into the hands of those who need them most."

Shailesh Mangal

VP of Engineering at Roambee

"Lightstep has enabled us to maintain a culture of proactivity and predictable incident response within our company. Where there used to be a risk for whitespace between an incident happening and being resolved, our team is able to quickly learn about any new incidents, respond quickly, and ensure a reliable experience for our partners and users."

Tilak Joshi

CEO of Lean

"Lightstep Incident Response is easy to setup and the interface feels more modern than other tools I’ve used. We’ve been able to decrease alert noise and make sure we’re responding to the right incidents fast. Plus, it integrates with our stack—ServiceNow, Kubernetes, and Prometheus."

Chris R.

Senior Engineer at Fortune 100 company

"Lightstep Incident Response has enabled our on-call technicians to more quickly respond to customer emergency messages. Our on-call engineers can be notified of an alert through phone call, SMS, mobile app, or email, which is a game-changer. The multiple avenues of communication, as well as the automation capabilities that Lightstep Incident Response provides, has empowered our team to resolve incidents and alerts with greater speed and visibility."

John Dineen

Director of EE Services at DataVox


Seamlessly orchestrate alerts, notifications, and scheduling


Consistent and reliable response workflow

Unify response context with integrated collaboration alongside on-call, alert, and incident management workflows.


Reduce time to respond

Automated response plays standardize resolution actions and collaboration processes, while automated post mortems prevent reoccurrence.


Unlimited users — without paying per seat

Usage-based pricing on active services promotes collaboration across your entire team to build a culture of service ownership.

Lightstep connects to your favorite tools

Integrated alerting, collaboration, and remediation

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The right people, processes, and tools — in one place

Intelligent on-call scheduling

Visually build shifts and easily define primary and backup on-call members. Ensure accurate escalation policies and automatically recommend users with the most capacity to fill scheduling gaps.


Understanding Incident Response for SREs

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IR feature 1 - oncall - NO DEMO NAMES

Unified incident response

Seamlessly orchestrate alert triage and on-call scheduling across Slack, Zoom, desktop, and mobile. Empower communication between responders and stakeholders and ensure rapid resolution.

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Download the mobile app and respond to incidents in real-time.

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IR Feature -2 - Unified incident response - NO DEMO NAMES

Automated playbooks

Customizable automation response rules and playbooks for alert and incident types help you save time and stay focused on the most important tasks.

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IR Feature -3 - Automated playbooks

Service-based health insights

Understand alerts and incidents in context of the business and technical services they are affecting. Automate routing to responders based on affected services, and gain operational insights with live reports and dashboards.

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IR Feature -4 - Service-based health insights

Integrate with ServiceNow for faster resolution

Our native ServiceNow integration connects the teams, configurations, and data you already have in ServiceNow. Escalate and synchronize incidents between your team and your ServiceNow instance to manage visibility and collaboration.

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Integrate with ServiceNow Instance Observer for more extensive notification and collaboration

Our integration with ServiceNow Instance Observer allows you to add on-call team scheduling and escalation policies as well as Slack, MS Teams and Zoom collaboration.
Incident Response is a subscription-based application which charges by the services you use. The services created on behalf of Instance Observer are available to you at no charge but you will be charged for other services you may create in Incident Response.

LIR Instance Observer

Integrate with Lightstep Observability for full incident response and easy collaboration

Our native integration with Lightstep Observability lets you use Lightstep Incident Response to notify the right person at the right time. SREs can now very easily collaborate over Slack, MS Teams and Zoom in the context of an alert or incident to minimize their mean time to resolution, or MTTR.

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Learn how Lightstep Incident Response works