Configure the webhook in vRealize Operations

Configure webhook endpoints so that vRealize Operations can use the endpoint to communicate with Incident Response.

Before you begin

Role required: Responder, Manager, or Administrator

About this task

Note: While this integration with a third-party product is supported, the documentation here is based upon information provided by that third-party. More current information about the operation of that third-party’s system may be available from them directly.


  1. Log in to your vRealize Operations application console.
  2. Add custom payload template.
    1. On the vROps console, navigate to Configure > Alerts > Payload Templates.
      Option to select payload templates.
    2. Click ellipses and then select Import.
      Import option to import the payload template.
    3. Click Browse and navigate to the location where the custom payload template is downloaded.
      Note: If you have not downloaded the custom payload template earlier, you can do it by clicking the LightStep Webhook Template.json file from the Instructions section given in the vRealize Operations integration UI page.
      Browse to select the required payload template.
    4. Select the payload template.
    5. Click Import.

      The template contains all the necessary configuration details.

  3. Add a new Outbound Notification method.
    1. On the vROps console, navigate to Configure > Alerts > Outbound Settings.
      Option to select outbound settings.
    2. Under the Outbound Settings tab, click Add.
      Add outbound instance.
    3. In the Plugin Type field, select Webhook Notification Plugin.
    4. In the Instanc Name field, enter a name for the instance.
      Add webhook url in the outbound instance.
    5. In the Url field, enter the webhook URL that you have already created in Create a webhook endpoint for vRealize Operations.
    6. Click Test to ensure that the connection is successful.
      Connection successful.
    7. Click Save.
  4. Adding Notification Rule.
    1. On the vROps console, navigate to Configure > Alerts > Notifications.
      Option to select notifications.
    2. Click Add.
    3. Under the Notification tab:
      The Notification tab.
      1. In the Name field, enter the name for the notification rule.
      2. In the Description field, enter the description for the notification.
      3. Enable Notification status.
      4. Click Next.
        The Define criteria tab.
    4. Under the Define Criteria tab, configure the filter criteria based on which notifications will be sent and click Next.
      Outbound method
    5. Under the Set Outbound Method tab, perform the following actions:
      1. In the Outbound method field, select Webhook Notification Plugin.
      2. From the drop-down list, select the instance that you have already created.
        Set outbound method and instance.
      3. Click Next.
        The Select payload template tab.
    6. Under the Select Payload Template tab, in the Payload template field, select the payload template that you have already imported.
      Select the payload template.
      Create notification policy.
    7. Click CREATE.

      A notification policy is created.


vRealize Operations performs checks as per the defined policy and sends the information as alerts to Incident Response.