Rotate members in an on-call shift

Rotate team members in an on-call shift to distribute team accountability and responsibility for handling issues.

Before you begin

Role required: Responder, Manager, or Administrator

Note: Only the responder who created the team, the manager of the team, or an administrator can edit rotation of a shift.

About this task

Rotation happens between sets of primary and backup members and not between the primary and backup member of the same set. Incident Response supports only daily or weekly rotation. For weekly rotation, enter the number of weeks for which you want to rotate the members. By default, the rotation is set to be a weekly rotation.


  1. Log in to Lightstep Incident Response.
  2. On the navigation pane, select On-call teams.
    The On-call teams landing page from where you can search for a team, sort teams, or create a new team.
  3. Click the team's card whose on-call team members you want to rotate in a shift.
    By default, the On-call schedule tab is selected.
    Figure 1. On-call schedule page
    View on-call schedule page for the team.
  4. For the shift details you want to edit, click the Edit button that appears next to the name of the shift.
    The Edit shift section appears.
  5. Modify the Rotate every field value, as required.
    Figure 2. Edit shift section
    Update rotation for a shift.
  6. Click Save.
    The rotation of the shift is updated.