Synchronize service to Statuspage

Create a service as a component on Statuspage to keep yourself informed about the statuses of your Incident Response services. The services are synchronized with Statuspage as components.

Before you begin

Ensure that you have integrated Lightstep Incident Response with StatusPage. For more information on how to enable the Statuspage integration, see Statuspage integration with Incident Response.

Role required: Responder, Manager, or Administrator

About this task

When you synchronize a service to Statuspage, incidents created against these synchronized services are also synchronized with Statuspage. When you de-synchronize a service, the component that is already created in Statuspage is not deleted. Any incident created against the service is no longer synchronized with the component which means, the actual status of the component is not reflected in Statuspage.

If you de-synchronize an existing service component and then synchronize the same service again, no new component is created. The service is synchronized with the same existing component in Statuspage.


  1. Log in to Lightstep Incident Response.
  2. On the navigation pane, select Services.
    The Services landing page.
  3. Perform any one of the following actions:
    • If you are creating a new service, click Add service.
    • If you are editing an existing service, click the name of the service you want to edit and then click Edit.
    The Service details form appears.
  4. Enter or edit the required information.
  5. Select the Sync to Statuspage check box.
    Synchronize service with Statuspage.
  6. Depending on whether you are creating a new service or editing an existing service, click Next or Save.
    The service is synchronized with Statuspage as a new component.
    Service synchronized as component.

    Incidents associated with the service are also synchronized with Statuspage.

    Incident Synchronized with Statuspage.

    Updates to the incident in Incident Response are automatically synchronized with Statuspage. When the incident is resolved in Incident Response, the respective component status goes back to Operational.