Severity and state mappings for Signoz

Alert priority and resolution state mapping between Signoz and Incident Response.

Signoz alert priority mapping

Signoz’s alert priority is based on one fields in the payload. The fields of interest is: alert.labels.severity.

Signoz payload field Signoz payload value Signoz alert priority value
alert.labels.severity critical Critical - P1
major Major - P2
minor Minor - P3
warning Warning - P4
info OK - P5
Note: If alert.labels.severity property is not sent in the payload, the default value for alert priority is Warning - P4.

Signoz resolution state mapping

The field of interest is: alert.status.

Signoz payload field Signoz payload value Incident Response alert resolution state value
alert.status resolved Closing
firing New
Note: If you require any other severity and state mappings, use the Generic webhook integration.