Lightstep Incident Response August 11, 2022 release notes

The Lightstep Incident Response application provides reliable notifications, on-call scheduling, automatic escalations, and other functionalities.

Incident Response highlights for this release

Access Support

To find solutions to common problems, or get help from a support agent, see Access Support.

New in this release

Error messages added to the Authorize and Reauthorize screens for Slack and Zoom
During authorization if any errors were found, they are shown on the page.
API key management
Create an API key to identify and authenticate your Incident Response account.
Import analytics dashboard to Grafana
You can now import the Incident Response analytics dashboard to Grafana. Use Grafana to view the analytics data and create custom visualizations depending on your requirements. integration
Integrate with Incident Response. Handle alerts by ensuring that the right people are working on the alerts.

Changed in this release

Filters saved on alert and incident list views
When you change a list view filter on the alerts or incidents view pages, Incident Response remembers your settings automatically.

Removed in this release

  • Removed Comments from incidents. Notify Stakeholders using the Generate new update button in the Stakeholder tab in the Collaboration panel.

Browser requirement

The Incident Response web application requires a web browser that has JavaScript enabled. For more information on system requirements, see System requirements.

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