Lightstep Incident Response June 03, 2022 release notes

The Lightstep Incident Response application provides reliable notifications, on-call scheduling, automatic escalations, and other functionalities.

Incident Response highlights for this release

Access Support

To find solutions to common problems, or get help from a support agent, see Access Support.

New in this release

Google Sign up/Sign in available
You can now signup for and sign in to Incident Response using your Google account.
Microsoft Teams integration
Integrate Microsoft Teams with Incident Response ensuring you are working with the right individuals and teams on alerts and incidents. Microsoft Teams offers real-time collaboration and communication, meetings, and file and app sharing.

Changed in this release

Bulk resolve Incident enhancement
You can now bulk select to resolve incidents.
Enhancement to on-call teams calendar
Create a shift and add time-off by clicking on the empty space on a team's calendar.
Enhancement to escalation policy
When escalation policy is set to notify the primary on-call member of a team, then the escalation policy reminder or notification are sent to all the primary members of that team. Earlier, the notification was sent to only the primary member of the last updated shift.

Browser requirement

The Incident Response web application requires a web browser that has JavaScript enabled. For more information on system requirements, see System requirements.

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