Lightstep Incident Response April 07, 2022 release notes

The Lightstep Incident Response application provides reliable notifications, on-call scheduling, automatic escalations, and other functionalities.

Incident Response highlights for this release

Access Support

To find solutions to common problems, or get help from a support agent, see Access Support.

New in this release

Helpful Service and Integration links on alerts and incidents
A new panel, under the right hand Collaboration panel on an alert or incident, contains helpful links from the related service. See Create a service for detailed information on creating the links.
Supporting Teams added to Services and Incidents
A Supporting teams field was added to Services and those teams are updated in Responder lists on incidents.
Note: On-call users for the supporting teams are added to incident responder lists.
Notification for incident state change
A new notification preference Incident state change has been added under the Incident and alert information category. The notification is sent to users in the responder list, stakeholder list, team, and to the user to whom the incident is assigned. integration
Integrate with Incident Response. Handle alerts generated from by ensuring that the right people are working on them.

Browser requirement

The Incident Response web application requires a web browser that has JavaScript enabled. For more information on system requirements, see System requirements.

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