Lightstep Incident Response March 10, 2022 release notes

The Lightstep Incident Response application provides reliable notifications, on-call scheduling, automatic escalations, and other functionalities.

Incident Response highlights for this release

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To find solutions to common problems, or get help from a support agent, see Access Support.

New in this release

Integration information available on the alert form and to use in automation rules
An integration field has been added to the alert form. That field can be used as field or condition match criteria when creating a response or grouping rule.
Stakeholders are notified of Comment updates on an incident
Incident stakeholders or external emails defined on the service are automatically added to incidents affecting that service. They are notified by email or according to their preferences.
Additional on-call shift categories
Six on-call notifications categories added apart from the existing three.
Shift coverages removed
All shift coverages are removed if a user modifies the day, date, or time of any existing shift or remove the last member from a shift.
Sumo Logic integration
Integrate Sumo Logic with Incident Response. Handle Sumo Logic alerts by ensuring that the right people are working on the incidents.
Jira integration
Integrate Jira with Incident Response. Escalate incidents from Lightstep Incident Response to Jira and delegate issues from Jira to Lightstep Incident Response.
JFrog Xray integration
Integrate JFrog Xray with Incident Response. Handle security and licensing events from JFrog Xray by ensuring that the right people are working on the incidents.

Changed in this release

Duplicate emails are not triggered for shifts
For on-call shifts at the same escalation level, notification is sent only once to any user. Earlier, duplicate notifications were sent to the users.
UI text changed for time zone
Automatically update time zone renamed Prompt for timezone update at login.
Navigation update
  • Dashboard renamed Analytics
  • Dashboard header renamed to Alert and incident analytics

Browser requirement

The Incident Response web application requires a web browser that has JavaScript enabled. For more information on system requirements, see System requirements.

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