Lightstep Incident Response October 14, 2021 release notes

The Lightstep Incident Response application provides reliable notifications, on-call scheduling, automatic escalations, and other functionalities.

Incident Response highlights for this release

Access Support

To find solutions to common problems, or get help from a support agent, see Access Support.

New in this release

View response rules on alerts in mobile
Open an alert record and under the Related tab, you will find the Response rules field. This field displays the number of alert rules triggered for that alert. Response rules are conditional triggers that automatically execute response actions based on the contents of the alert.

Changed in this release

Escalation policy modified
The escalation policies now support incidents. Earlier, the policies supported only alerts.
Automatic alert grouping modified
  • The oldest of the highest severity alerts becomes the primary alert. The rest become related alerts.
  • Grouped alerts are displayed under a new alert, in the alert list view, that uses the primary alert’s data.
  • A grouped, related alert contains a Grouped by field. This field indicates how the related alert was grouped.
Zoom meeting or Slack channel update
When a Zoom or Slack channel is created, details for the meeting or channel are posted as work notes to the alerts or incident timeline.

Browser requirement

The Incident Response web application requires a web browser that has JavaScript enabled. For more information on system requirements, see System requirements for Incident Response.

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