Incident management using your mobile app

Incidents impact business services. Proactively communicating outages to all users is key to remediation. When a third-party monitoring tool has an event, an alert is created in Incident Response. When you create an incident from that alert, notifications are generated so that the right person can acknowledge and resolve the incident.

Incident Management is responsible for managing the life cycle of incidents, from creation to closure.

The Incident Management process has many states, and each is vitally important to the success of the process and the quality of service delivered. The different states can be represented in a diagram as follows:

Figure 1. Incident management state flow
Incident management state model flow.
Table 1. Incident states
State Description
Open Incident is created but not yet investigated.
Work in progress Incident is assigned and is being investigated.
Resolved A satisfactory fix is provided for the incident to ensure that it does not occur again.
Note: Incidents in the Resolved state are automatically closed after 3 days.
Closed Incident can be closed when it is confirmed that the incident is satisfactorily resolved.