Close an incident using your mobile app

Close an incident if you think it is not an issue, or if it has already been handled.

Before you begin

The incident must be in the Resolved state.

Role required: Responder, Manager, or Administrator


  1. Access your instance using the Lightstep Incident Response mobile app.
  2. On the tab bar, tap the incidents icon The Incidents icon on the Tab bar..
    Incidents appear as a list under the following tabs:
    Tab Description
    My open List of all open incidents assigned to you or for which you are a part of the responder list.
    Unassigned List of all the unassigned incidents assigned to your team.
    All incidents List of all the incidents in the organization.
    Note: To view the details of an incidents, tap the record.
  3. Tap to open the resolved incident record.
    By default, the Details tab is selected.
    Incident is in the resolved state.
  4. Tap Close.
  5. On the confirmation dialog box, tap Yes to confirm that you want to close the incident.
    Incident is in the closed state.
    The incident is closed. You can again work on the incident by selecting Reopen.