Add work notes to an alert using your mobile app

Add work notes to an alert. The work notes are visible to all internal employees of the organization.

Before you begin

Role required: Responder, Manager, or Administrator

About this task

Note: A work note appears only to the internal users in an organization, but an additional comment appears to both internal and external users.


  1. Access your instance using the Lightstep Incident Response mobile app.
  2. On the tab bar, tap the alerts icon The Alerts icon on the Tab bar..
    The Alerts page.
    Alerts appear as a list under the following tabs:
    Tab Description
    My open List of all open alerts assigned to you or for which you are a part of the responder list.
    Unacknowledged List of all the unacknowledged alerts in your organization.
    All alerts List of all the alerts in the organization.
    Note: To view the details of an alert, tap the alert record.
  3. Add your work notes in one of the following ways:
    On the alert record
    1. On the record, swipe to the right and tap Add work notes.
      Add work notes.
    2. Enter your work notes and then tap Done.
    From the alert details page
    1. Tap to open the alert.
    2. Tap the Timeline tab.
      Add work notes.
    3. Tap Add comment, enter your comments, and then tap Post.

      To upload a file or an image, use the upload file icon (Upload file icon.) or the upload image icon (Upload image icon.) that appear in the Add comment row.

      Note: For alerts, comments acts as private work notes. The comments are not visible to the customers.
    Your work notes are added to the alert.