Sample alert for Lightstep Observability

Snapshot of the entity when an event occurs in Lightstep Observability.

The sample alert becomes available after you generate the webhook.

 "timestamp": "2021-07-26T19:48:59.89084086Z",
 "status": "Critical Threshold Violated",
 "name": "*Critical Threshold Violated: K8S CPU Limit*",
 "project": {
 "text": "servicenow-dev-b**2d6",
 "href": "**2d6?utm_source=webhook"
 "metric-condition": {
 "text": "K8S CPU Limit",
 "href": "**2d6/monitoring/condition/DZdTgb52?end_micros=1627328939890840&start_micros=1627321739890840&utm_source=webhook"
 "details": {
 "Description": "K8S CPU Limit",
 "Expression": "Critical Threshold Violated: alert 'K8S CPU Limit' is above 3000 over the last 120 minutes, computed in total.",
 "Started At": "Mon, 26 Jul 2021 16:13:59 UTC"