Sample payload from Lightstep Observability

Snapshot of the entity when an event occurs in Lightstep Observability.

Sample payload sent from Lightstep Observability

To view the sample payload for Lightstep Observability, open the integration and click the Sample payload tab.

 "timestamp": "2021-07-26T19:48:59.89084086Z",
 "status": "Critical Threshold Violated",
 "name": "*Critical Threshold Violated: K8S CPU Limit*",
 "project": {
 "text": "servicenow-dev-b**2d6",
 "href": "**2d6?utm_source=webhook"
 "metric-condition": {
 "text": "K8S CPU Limit",
 "href": "**2d6/monitoring/condition/DZdTgb52?end_micros=1627328939890840&start_micros=1627321739890840&utm_source=webhook"
 "details": {
 "Description": "K8S CPU Limit",
 "Expression": "Critical Threshold Violated: alert 'K8S CPU Limit' is above 3000 over the last 120 minutes, computed in total.",
 "Started At": "Mon, 26 Jul 2021 16:13:59 UTC"