Severity and state mappings for JFrog Artifactory

Alert priority and resolution state mapping between JFrog Artifactory and Incident Response.

JFrog Artifactory alert priority mapping

JFrog Artifactory's payload has priority defined for individual issue object which is present in the event_type field.

JFrog Artifactory payload field JFrog Artifactory payload value Incident Response alert priority value
event_type distributed_failed, deletion_failed, delete_failed P1-Critical
NA P2-Major
NA P3-Moderate
BUILD.DELETED, DOCKER_TAG.deleted, ARTIFACT_PROP.deleted, ARTIFACT.deleted, RELEASE_BUNDLE.deleted, DISTRIBUTION.distribution_aborted P4-Low
All other payload values apart from the above ones P5-Informational

JFrog Artifactory resolution state mapping

JFrog Artifactory's alerts don't have a state field. Hence all alerts will have the default value of New. A user must close an alert manually.

Note: If you require any other severity and state mappings, use the Generic webhook integration.