Slack integration with Incident Response

Slack is a popular team communication platform. Slack offers persistent chat rooms (channels) organized by topic, private groups, and direct messaging.

What does Incident Response offer Slack users?

Incident Response has a bidirectional integration with Slack. It's easy to configure — alert notifications of Incident Response go right into your Slack channel. You can acknowledge, close, or assign these alerts from the channel.

Add a Slack integration in Incident Response to combine Slack's easy-to-use team collaboration platform with the alert notification system and on-call rotation of Incident Response.

Execute actions on the alert just by typing a /lightstep command into the chat. There is more to be accomplished in Incident Response just by entering simple commands to Slack channel. Using /lightstep command, you can perform functions such as get alerts, modify alerts, view details of an alert and view on-call schedules. You can acknowledge or close alerts with just a button click. For information on the list of available commands, see Slack commands to work with Incident Response.

Functionality of the integration

  • You can trigger, acknowledge, resolve, escalate, add notes and run response plays within Slack. Slack will send a request or command to Incident Response, resulting in the corresponding alert actions.
  • Once you create a response rule, Slack creates a channel for any alert that meets the rule criteria. The channel has the specified participants, and your message is posted.

    If you do not use the same email address for Slack and Lightstep Incident Response (LIR), then you must create a secondary email address in your LIR Profile, under Contact Methods, for the email address that you want to use for Slack.