ServiceNow integration with Incident Response

Lightstep Incident Response has a native integration with your enterprise ServiceNow instance. From your ServiceNow instance, you can import users, groups, and services and easily migrate these users and teams to manage services using Lightstep Incident Response. There’s also a bi-directional capability to transfer incidents between your ServiceNow groups and Lightstep Incident Response teams.

What does Incident Response offer ServiceNow users?

  • Onboard your teams faster by importing existing user and group profile information from your enterprise ServiceNow instance.
  • Quickly configure your supported services by importing existing service definitions from your enterprise ServiceNow instance.
  • Escalate incidents to stakeholders in your enterprise ServiceNow instance to collaborate on resolution. For example, an SRE team could escalate an incident to the corporate Security Operations team.

Functionality of the integration

Escalate incidents to ITSM with bi-directional updates of incident status, work notes, and so on.