Rollbar integration with Incident Response

Rollbar is an error notification and analysis service. The service collects errors and reports them to Rollbar. By integrating Rollbar with Incident Response, you can alert your team in a timely manner and fix problems before they become emergencies.

What does Incident Response offer Rollbar users?

Rollbar generates alerts based on issues and metrics. Incident Response acts as a handler for these alerts.

Incident Response acts as a handler for these alerts and determines the right people to notify based on escalation policies, previously provided points of contact, and on-call schedules. Users are notified based on their notification preferences. Alerts are escalated until they are acknowledged or closed.

Functionality of the integration

  • When an alert is created,reopened or reactivated in Rollbar, an alert is created in Incident Response automatically through the integration.
  • When an alert is auto-resolved or resolved manually in Rollbar, the alert is closed in Incident Response.