Microsoft Teams integration with Incident Response

Microsoft Teams is a popular team communication platform. Microsoft Teams offers real-time collaboration and communication, meetings, and file and app sharing.

What does Incident Response offer Microsoft Teams users?

Incident Response has a bidirectional integration with Microsoft Teams. It's easy to configure — alert or incident notifications of Incident Response go right into your Microsoft Teams channel. You can acknowledge, close, or assign these records from the channel.

Add a Microsoft Teams integration in Incident Response to combine Microsoft Teams's easy-to-use team collaboration platform with your notification system and on-call rotation of Incident Response.

Functionality of the integration

  • You can trigger, acknowledge, resolve, escalate, add notes, and run response plays within Microsoft Teams. Microsoft Teams will send a request resulting in the corresponding alert actions.
  • Once you create a response rule, Microsoft Teams creates a channel for any alert or incident that meets the rule criteria. The channel has the specified participants, and your message is posted.