Datadog integration with Incident Response

Datadog is a popular cloud and application monitoring service. With Datadog, gain insight into granular metrics from entire stacks, from application-level to actual hosts, and VMs. Datadog provides alerts based on monitoring metrics on services. Datadog generates alerts for detected problems, and Incident Response ensures the right people are working on them.

What does Incident Response offer Datadog users?

Incident Response has a native, powerful integration with Datadog. Use the integration to automatically synchronize your Datadog alerts with Incident Response alerts, and benefit from the rich alert notification system, escalations, and on-call rotations of Incident Response. Datadog generates events based on the metric conditions.

Incident Response acts as a handler for these alerts and determines the right people to notify based on escalation policies, previously provided points of contact, and on-call schedules. Users are notified based on their notification preferences. Alerts are escalated until they are acknowledged or closed.

Functionality of the integration

When an alert is created in Datadog, an alert is created in Incident Response automatically through the integration. Datadog metrics that fall outside of a designated range send an event to a service in Incident Response. Events from Datadog trigger a new alert. Once the metric has returned to its designated range, a resolve event is sent to the Incident Response service to resolve the alert and the associated incident on that service.