Azure DevOps integration with Incident Response

Azure DevOps provides developer services enabling teams to plan work, collaborate on code development, and build and deploy applications. With this integration, you can escalate incidents from Lightstep Incident Response to Azure DevOps and share work items from Azure DevOps with Lightstep Incident Response.

What does Incident Response offer Azure DevOps users?

Escalate incidents to your Azure DevOps instance to collaborate on its resolution. Work items from Azure DevOps can be sent to Incident Response as incidents. Incident Response acts as a handler for these incidents.

Functionality of the integration

  • Incidents in Incident Response can be escalated to Azure DevOps. Updates are synchronized between the two.
  • Work items in Azure DevOps can trigger incidents in Incident Response using a webhook connection.
  • Customers can define priority and state mappings between Incident Response and Azure DevOps.