Integrations in Incident Response

Incident Response makes integrating with monitoring and collaboration tools easier than ever. We’ve got most of the top integrations ready to go and we’re building our list as fast as we can.

Note: If an integration doesn't exist for one of your tools, submit the integration name to our team and we’ll see if we can build one. To submit a request, click the Suggest integrations button and then and send us your suggestion.

While we are working on increasing the number of integrations available, you can use our Generic webhook and Email integrations. You can use them to create alerts in Lightstep Incident Response from any monitoring tool or any custom script.

Incident Response has these main categories of integrations:
  • Collaboration: Tools that enable teams to coordinate with each other when an incident occurs. Example: Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Slack.
  • Monitoring: Tools for monitoring the health and performance of services that trigger events or incidents in your Incident Response instance. Example: Splunk, Datadog, and Nagios.
  • ServiceNow: To connect with your enterprise ServiceNow instance.
  • DevOps: DevOps tools that enable you to escalate incidents from and delegate incidents to Incident Response. Example: Jira, Azure DevOps.
Figure 1. Integrations landing page
The Integrations landing page.

The content area lists the installed integrations and the available integration cards. Here you can view the integrations that you have already installed and all the available integrations in your organization.