Incident personas

Incident Response provides incident personas to prevent multiple people from performing duplicate work. They represent the part a team member plays in remediating the incident.

Incident personas are assigned in the Collaboration panel of an incident under the Responders list.

Base your assignments on entries in the responder list and the Assigned to field in the incident or from any related alerts.

When a persona is assigned or changed, the timeline is updated with that user and persona information.

Your choices are auto-saved when you make them.

Incident Response has the following pre-defined incident personas:
Roles Responsibilities
Incident Commander Owns the diagnosis and remediation of the issue, bringing in the necessary responders.
Communications Lead In charge of sending regular communications and updates to customers and stakeholders.
Technical Lead In charge of updating the timeline with key response milestones, and leading the technical teams response.
SME [Default] Identified as having specialized knowledge or responsibility related to the affected service and issue.
Scribe Owns creating the post mortem and in charge of capturing key activities related to diagnosis and remediation, as well as any action items.
Note: Multiple users can have the same persona.