Import users from SeviceNow enterprise instance

Import existing users from your ServiceNow enterprise instance.

Before you begin

You must be connected to your enterprise ServiceNow instance. Set up the connection by selecting Integrations on the navigation pane and selecting the ServiceNow integration card. See Connect to your ServiceNow instance.

Role required: Manager or Administrator

About this task

The number of users that you can import depends on your subscription limit. If you get an error trying to add users, it may be due to user limit on your account. If you try to add an already imported user, that will not be counted as a separate user unless you change the role of the user.


  1. Log in to Lightstep Incident Response.
  2. On the navigation pane, select Users.
    Import users option.
  3. Click Import users.
  4. In the search Import users dialog box, enter the user name or email and select the users you want to import.
  5. Click the plus icon (Plus icon.).
  6. Under Assign roles to users section, click the choice list and select the role you want to provide for the user.
    You can give a different role to the user than they had in the ServiceNow enterprise instance.
    Assign roles to users.
    Note: To remove a user from the import list, click the delete icon (The delete icon.) next to the user role.
  7. Click Import <n> users, where <n> is the number of users to import.
    Users are imported successfully.