Import a team from ServiceNow enterprise instance

Import an existing team and its users from your ServiceNow enterprise instance.

Before you begin

You must be connected to your enterprise instance. Set up the connection by selecting Integrations on the navigation pane and selecting the integration card. See Connect to your ServiceNow instance. See Connect to your ServiceNow instance.

Role required: Manager or Administrator

About this task

Importing a team also imports the users of that team. You can import only one team at a time.
Note: The number of teams that you can import depends on your subscription limit. If you get an error trying to import a team, it may be due to subscription limit on your account.


  1. Log in to Lightstep Incident Response.
  2. On the navigation pane, select On-call teams.
    Import a team.
  3. Click Import a team.
    Select a team to import.
  4. Click the search box, enter the name of the team that you want to import, and select the team.
  5. Click the plus icon (Plus icon to add a team.).
    Team and existing users.
    Note: One member of the team needs to have the manager role.
  6. Click Import and continue.
    You are directed to the basic team creation page.
    Team creation page.
  7. Follow the steps to create a team as mentioned in Create your team and add users to the team.